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„Strategic leadership is essential. In economy, politics, sports, administra- tion, the military and many other social sectors there has been an increasing urgent request for leadership and concrete success and a refusal to put up with the analytical pessimism, the affluence-spoilt indifference as well as the cynical opportunism and the arrogant cluelessness of those in charge.“


  "Top-Management - superiority through strategically leadership"

In organizations, businesses, associations, parties management prevails, not leadership. Messing about with tiny problems. meticulous administration even of minor files without any general view, knownledge of the real objectives and strengths, resignation to any kind of more complex, demanding task and an overbearing tendency towards conformity and adaptation at all costs in order to supposedly save one´s own position - all these characterize daily routine. Failure, loss of credibility, doubts about one´s competitiveness or efficiency and a general feeling of helplessness and powerlessness are the logical consequences. The author shows how to overcome such situations sucessfully and offers a pragmatic comprehensive view including the psychological, sociological, educational and business management aspects - all presented as a general and realizable system of how to develop strategic leadership and how to use it pragmatically.Various sectors of economy and society lack leadership who are prepared and able to assume leadership - especially strategic leadership. For historical reasons the term "leader" has been replaced with the simpler term "manager", an improper equation. The author explains the fundamental difference between leadership and management with regard to demands, tasks, behavior conducts and points out how leadership should carried out methodically and systematically. Strategy does not only mean making detailed decisions in the sense of planning, but also a thought-out, firm decision about the way towards the goals based on one´s own abilities and in spite of permanently changing conditions. Therefore leadership and strategy are mutually dependent and complementary terms. It is the efficient ability and the sources of energy in strategic leadership - as the author conclusively points out - that make it possible to overcome these regularly repeated theories or rather ritualized incantations of the oversaturated markets, strong international competition, the dependence on the world economy, the locational handicaps, the ousting of competition and goodness knows what else - all these are used as arguments to conceal one´s own despondency and lack of guidance. Instead it is advisable to proceed systematically and methodically, to lead and to create and safeguard superiority objective of strategic leadership. Achieving superiority by means of strategic leadership is a precondition for survival for leaders of businesses, politicians, economists, parties, administration, sports and the military in order to sucessfullly survive the struggle for existence, to eliminate competitors permanently to maintain one´s hold on the market and to achieve those necessary competitive advantages for the future.
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